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Joe Tiernay

Joe Tiernay is the band’s bassist and lead vocalist. Growing up in a large musical family he was listening to Steely Dan, The Eagles and the Doobie Brothers, among others.  

Joe has been playing and performing since the age of 13 and loves being on stage.  That is clearly evident in the energy that Joe brings to every show. He is a true classic rocker, as demonstrated by his old-school Hofner bass and his 200-pound Traynor amp and head rig.




Bryan Snelson

Bryan Snelson is The Silverbacks drummer and does some lead and background vocals. Bryan has been playing the drums for a really, really long time. His canary yellow Gretsch kit is now vintage, but was new when he bought it at the old Long & McQuade store on Bloor Street in 1985.

He is considering a replacement for his drum stool as his cushy padding has worn down the stool’s cushy padding over time. Bryan’s cymbals are an assortment of Zildjian, Sabian and Paiste. Bryan uses ProMark 747 drum sticks, Remo pinstripe drum heads on the toms and a coated Ambassador batter head on the snare. Most of his hardware is by Pearl with a little Tama thrown in on the side.



Scott Roberts

Scott began his life in music as a babe abandoned at birth and raised by a pack of feral wolves in the rugged mountains of central Saskatchewan, learning music at an early age as a means to communicate with his adoptive family.  Upon discovering an under-utilized guitar one day in the den, his choice of instrument was set.

Eventually leaving the safety of the pack to make his way in the world, Scott spent many years walking the Earth - like Caine from Kung Fu - contemplating the mysteries of the instrument.  For over 3 decades he has pondered how there can be 7 notes in a scale, but only 6 strings on a guitar - and continues to search for that missing note to this day.



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